Monday, December 10, 2007

US Cellular EasyEdge Bluetooth Setup

Here was my dilemma:

I own a Nokia N800 and have a US Cellular cell phone with EasyEdge as part of my package.  I wanted to use my "unlimited" data downloads over a bluetooth connection from my Nokia N800 to my bluetooth enabled cell phone. 


Here is my solution:

1.) Set up a bluetooth trust between your cell phone and your N800.

2.) On the N800 go into connection manager and select new.

3.) Name your connection and select the GPRS radio button (default selection).  Click next.

4.) For the dial-up number enter : #777

5.) username is your cell number at

6.) Your default email password is you cellular number, in the password field, enter your phone number.

7.) click next, then finish.


You should now be able to use your N800 over the bluetooth connection to your phone for internet access.


Additional Notes:

I helped a co-worker set up his Windows PDA using the same instructions.  The notes worked, but he had an issue with his password and had to call US Cellular for help.  They gave him a different number to use than his cell number.


This has been set up on OS2007 and OS2008 and works flawlessly.  It seems 2008 has some smarts built into it's networking management to save on power and may disconnect you when your connection has been idle for an extended period.


Make sure you have EasyEdge added to your plan, about $10 a month, before doing this, otherwise you will be paying data charges out the arse.

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