Thursday, December 20, 2007

OS2008 Released for Nokia N800 and N810 - Notes and Tips (Part 1)

Nokia has released the latest version of their Internet Tablet software OS2008. This post will cover my setup notes:

First Step (after going through the intro screens):

Configure your home city:

  1. Go to "Settings | Control Panel"
  2. Select "Date and Time"
  3. Select "Select home city" button
  4. Find the major city in your time zone.
Second Step:

Configure your home network:

  1. Click the network symbol
  2. Select "Connectivity Settings..."
  3. Select "Connections" button
  4. Select "New"
  5. Configure the specifics for your home network
Third Step:

Install essential Nokia blessed software:

  1. Go to "Settings | Application Manager"
  2. Select Browse installable applications
  3. Refresh application list? OK
  4. select camera
  5. click install
  6. Install application? OK
  7. OK to license agreement
  8. camera successfully installed OK
  9. select fmradio
  10. click install
  11. Install application? OK
  12. OK to license agreement
  13. fmradio successfully installed OK
  14. Continue the process for any other app you would like to install.
Fourth Step:

Add many repositories for all your software downloading goodness:

Warning: Make sure is up and running prior to deleting repositories. (edit 1/3/08)

  1. In the top left of the screen click on the Application manager window title
  2. A drop down box will appear. Select "Tools | Application catalog..."
  3. Delete all repositories you can of the ones listed, highlight and select "Delete"
  4. Select "Close" when all you can remove are deleted
  5. Refresh application list? OK
  6. Close the Application Manager
  7. Open a new browser window
  8. go to
  9. Check the box by "Select all repositories" (this check box is only available for OS 2008) or select specific repositories you want
  10. Click "Install Selected" button
  11. For File download on Name repository.install select "Open"
  12. Application Manager will reopen
  13. For "Add catalog" dialog boxes select "OK" for all repositories being installed.
  14. Refresh application list? OK
  15. Select any applications you are interested in and follow the same directions as in Third Step
Fifth Step:

Install python2.5-runtime (you will need this for many apps to run):

  1. Select Browse installable applications
  2. Refresh application list? OK
  3. Find and highlight "python2.5-runtime"
  4. Select install
  5. Install application? OK
  6. Notice... OK
  7. python2.5-runtime successfully installed OK
Sixth Step:

Install openssh client and server:

  1. Select Browse installable applications
  2. Refresh application list? OK
  3. Find and highlight "openssh"
  4. Select install
  5. Install application? OK
  6. Notice... OK
  7. openssh successfully installed OK
Bonus Note: With Python installed prior to installing openssh, you should be prompted for a root password. If not, verify python-osso was installed with runtime. (edit 1/3/08)
Seventh Step:

Install from

  1. Open a new web browser
  2. Select the maemo link
  3. Select Downloads
  4. Browse the categories and select the apps that interest you. Most will have a green "Click to install" arrow.
  5. After clicking the green arrow, select "Open"
  6. Clicking the "Open" will open the application manager (For those without a green "Click to install" arrow, you will have to visit the homepage for the application and download the application, be sure to follow all install steps. If you select open, the application manage will open after the download completes.)
  7. Select OK where relevant and wait for the download to complete

Part 2 will be posted after I can actually download apps and get my N800 back to normal goodness. Maemo Repositories have been swamped since the OS2008 release.

If you are interested in helping me get some links together for torrent download of Maemo Apps, please see this thread at Internet Tablet Talk.

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Anonymous said...

I almost deleted all my application catalogs following your instructions, but luckily I checked the url first and it says : "Sorry - this service is temporarily not available...
Please try again later!"

Is there another souce for this?